Staff & Board of Directors

GALLERY MANAGER: Caroline Bastable

Caroline Bastable has always worked for non-profits, from international NGOs to small research centres, and her years of project management mean she can multi-task in her sleep, but no-one warned her that working with artists would be like herding cats! Art was one of her earliest loves - she even sneaked in some Art History courses to keep her sane while studying for her degree (MA Hons, Psychology). Working in an art gallery means that she gets to feast her eyes and feed her soul every day; not many people are lucky enough to be able say that about the place that they work. Caroline is also a freelance editor and would love to set her Inner Stickler free on the world with a marker pen.

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Since moving to Smithers in 2014, Lauren has volunteered as Art Director for the Smithers Art Gallery.  She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours from Brandon University specializing in painting. As President and Grants Director, she brings her previous experience of curating exhibitions, exhibition assistant, and director of programming at various galleries. She continues to paint using multiple mediums and teach on her time off, as well as enjoying critical art dialogue and creating with fellow artists. 

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Susan developed an interest in playing in the mud as a child and in her early teens discovered that working with clay was far more satisfying.  A three-year intensive program at Sheridan College School of Crafts & Design in Ontario with a major in Ceramics and a focus on hand-building and sculptural work honed her skills. Between operating Aquabatics, a paddle-sports business, and the Eddyline Bistro and being on the Smithers Art Galley board,  Susan somehow manages to fit in 'not quite enough' studio time as well as teach occasional courses through the Gallery workshops series.

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SECRETARY: Susannah Lam

Originally starting in clothing and textiles/fashion, Susannah has worn many different hats. She has participated in programs at University of Manitoba, Emily Carr College of Art and Design, and Parsons School of Design. During her time as a glass blower’s assistant she was inspired to complete a Bachelor of Business at Simon Fraser University. Since following her heart to Smithers in 2005 she has volunteered at St. Joseph’s School and on the Board of the Smithers Art Gallery since 2012. She loves to participate in the workshops and finds creating things with her hands very inspiring.

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Allan Edie is a retired biologist who has enjoyed life in Smithers since he moved here in 1978.  His interests include building classic guitars, landscape painting, and outdoor activities including sailing, hiking, biking, skiing, and snowshoeing, during which he greatly enjoys the spectacular natural environments of northern British Columbia. For him, landscape painting is a natural extension of his appreciation for the northern environment. He intends through his role as one of the Gallery directors to support and encourage landscape painting as well as other art activity in the Smithers community.

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ART DIRECTOR: Michelle Gazely

Michelle Gazely has spent most of her life studying and creating visual art. Over the last fifteen years Michelle has built a client base working as a graphic + web designer, illustrator and commercial photographer. Recently she moved with her husband and son from the Fraser Valley to the beautiful Bulkley Valley to follow their dream of owning acreage and growing food. Michelle is thrilled to be a member of the board and support the arts in her community.

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DIRECTOR-AT-LARGE: Shannon Goodhead

Shannon Goodhead is one of our amazing town’s elementary school teachers. As a former volunteer of the youth organization Katimavik, Shannon developed a passion for non-profit work and couldn’t resist the chance to be a part of our team. Being an artist herself, Shannon is always raring to get others excited about the Arts. From live performances, to art classes, to plein air painting, you can often spot Shannon around Smithers creating art wherever she wanders. With a BA (Hons) in Art and Art History from University of Toronto and a specialism in Art from Sheridan College, Shannon is a welcome addition to the Smithers Art Gallery board of directors. 

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DIRECTOR-AT-LARGE: Joanne Campbell

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