Ellen Gillis


Ellen Gillis grew up as a feral child exploring the depths of Stanley Parks forest and playing on the beaches of Vancouver's West End. She now lives, plays and explores in and around Smithers. 

Some of her background in the Arts include; sculpture, stage & set design, window displays posters & graphics for various Vancouver businesses. Her speciality is in the creation of havoc. Ellen has studied and taken various workshops while in Vancouver and other countries. The inspiration for her artwork comes from her life experiences, natural & unnatural environments, travels and interest in other cultures. Locally she has taken instruction from some of Smithers and other well known northern artists.

At this time Ellen's preferred medium is mostly oil on board. One of her recent commissions was a water colour painting for the Town of Houston's environmental information sign that is nicely mounted on their new Riverside paths. She continues to paint most Mondays in her studio or out in the field with a group of very talented local artists, who she credits for giving her and each other encouragement, honest critiquing, and a good kick in the butt once in a while.