James Van der Meulen

Smithers local, born and raised. A self-taught artist pursuing exponential progress through spontaneity and being open toward utilizing all mediums of creativity.

I have a raw talent in some respect. Though I have been in a relentless pursuit toward gaining artistic skill since early 2016. With this, every piece I approach I must treat as an undaunted experiment.

I prefer working with pen, though I have worked with acrylic, oil, pastel, pencil, photography, graphic design, conceptual imagery and digital manipulation. As well, cinematography, video editing, and music.

I rarely use reference material, as most of all my pieces are original works, created out of sheer spontaneity, usually unbeknownst to myself as to what I may be creating.

My goal is to spread awareness of the value of the arts through a creative variety and an openness to share. Openly being myself within an aim to be an example for others to potentially do the same through one's own creative expression. 

Art is more than just art. Art shows people their own being through a reflective expanse of developing a certain metacognition of sorts. Art sparks people to think outside of the box. This, in my opinion, helps all of us as human beings.

Art, in itself, holds an immense potential in being a catalyst toward developing a better world.



You can view my creative journey through following me on

instagram - @trashvomit
facebook - @trashvomit


If wishing to inquire about purchasing original pieces or purchasing high-resolution imagery
email me at - JamesV90s@hotmail.com


Currently Residing in Smithers, British Columbia, Canada