Mairead Sikkes

Born in Northern Ireland, Mairead loved drawing from her earliest years and was always encouraged by her parents. They provided oil-painting lessons from a local artist when she was fourteen and when she decided on teacher training as a career she specialized in art education. She taught art/crafts at an inner city school in Belfast for a while before emigrating to Canada in 1971. Teaching and then raising a young family with husband Nick meant that painting was put on the back burner for a while. Having attended a watercolour course in the late 1980’s, her creative spark was ignited again and she explored the qualities of this challenging medium, culminating in several group shows and in giving workshops in Smithers. Most lately, Mairead has been experimenting with acrylics. Her subject matter is mostly landscape with some florals and seacapes. 

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Contact Mairead by e-mailing her at or calling 1-250-764-8673.