Paulie Haines

Paulie Haines has been happily engaging in artistic pursuits since she was a young girl.  After a correspondence course in art in high school, she earned a B.A. in Graphic design and then moved to B.C.  There she taught herself the art of stained glass.  She has been enraptured by all things glass ever since.  She has panels hanging in the Old Church in Smithers, the Telkwa Museum, and the Anglican Church Chapel in Quick, and work in private collections in the U.S., Canada and Australia.

Trading a stained glass piece for oil painting lessons in about 2002 led her on a different path for a brief time.  Then a passion for glass bead making took over for many years.  She is presently focusing again on oil painting and loves how it helps her “see” the world.

Throughout her artwork over the years she has been especially enamoured of old buildings, rusty things, calligraphic lines, faces, the human form, bubbles, doodle-like free-form designs, and winged creatures.