Arlene Ness / Arimathea Pappas

April 10 - May 12, 2018

Opening reception: Friday April 13, 7-9pm

Arlene Ness (Main Gallery)

“Totem Reflections” by Gitxsan artist Arlene Ness from Hazelton, BC, is a collection of cultural imagery centred around the ancient totem poles still alive today. Ness produces carvings, jewellery, paintings and prints, and was honoured to be a recipient of the 2015 BC Creative Achievement Awards for First Nations Art.

Art has been an exploration of my history and my culture.  When I started carving, it was an in-depth look into my personal family history.  I translate the stories to art as I see them in my mind— that is my art inspiration. Carving opens up a window into our culture.  I started art very young — it’s always been in our life, everyone in our family does art in some form. Where I live there are many artists in all the surrounding villages. Right from being a young child, if you have an affinity for doing art the opportunity is there every day. It’s like immersion — you’re constantly surrounded by art and artists so it’s intrinsic to living. I definitely feel blessed.

Arlene Ness Wilps Tsi Basaa is a Giskaast of the Gitxsan Nation whose love of nature, culture, and wildlife shines through her art. She attended the Kitanmaax School of Northwest Coast Indian Art and Design, then the Freda Diesing School, graduating with a diploma in First Nations Fine Art and then apprenticing with Gitxsan jewellery artist Earl Muldon. She worked on the totem poles of Kitselas Canyon and for the Hazelton Northwest Community College, and produces carvings, jewellery, paintings and prints.

Arimathea Pappas (Mini Gallery)

“Awakening Spirit” by Arimathea Pappas from Clinton, BC, is a collection of art created from natural materials with added sculptural components made of clay.  As an emerging contemporary mixed-media artist, Pappas’ love for clay, nature and spiritual teachings is what inspires her to unify these elements to create sculptural and functional works of art.

Arimathea Pappas is a passionate self-taught Contemporary Mixed Media Artist who was born, raised, and currently creates in a small town by Vancouver, British Columbia. For as long as she can remember, Arimathea has had an unwavering dedication to the vibrant realm of art. From sculpting and drawing to photography and everything in between, authentic creative expression is what fuels her very existence.

As a spiritual, creative, and compassionate artist, Arimathea’s artwork is heavily inspired by planet earth and nature serves as her ultimate muse and sanctuary. More specifically, she is deeply influenced by the spiritual traditions of the indigenous First Nations People and their loving connection to the land. She specializes in uniting natural materials to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces that awaken the soul to life’s limitless possibilities.

Most importantly, Arimathea is a life-lover who dreams big. Each day, she makes a conscious decision to celebrate the light and love in everyone and everything. This can be seen in not only her artwork, but her personal life as well.

When she isn’t creating, Arimathea enjoys to garden, travel, discover new places, and to be self-sufficient and live off the land. She is also an avid collector of unique items that speak to heart and a proud stay at home mom of a beautiful daughter. 

You can find Arimathea Pappas on facebook

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