Caitlin Ambery, Sophia Mather & Patricia Vickers / Tara Irwin

September 19 - October 21, 2017

Opening reception: Friday September 22, 7-9pm

Caitlin Ambery, Sophia Mather, Patricia Vickers (Main Gallery)

"Under a Northern Sky"

With mountains, valleys, rivers and the ocean covering territories of eight First Nations from Dakhel territories to Haida Gwaii, we have referred to this vast terrain as ‘the north’.  Although geographically only in the middle of the province, the north has inspired and continues to inspire many people.

Joined together by friendship that spans over twenty-five years, the three artists unite to portray life in the north.  The exhibition is an expression of gratitude for the beauty that thrives under a northern sky.

Caitlin Ambery

"When the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art." - Leonardo Da Vinci

Painting is a means by which I enter into a deeper relationship with God, and to nourish as well as reveal a source of creative expression from within. Movement, light and colour reveal my passion for sharing the profound beauty and sacredness of life, with its complexity, mystery and hidden truths. The addition of people into my images encourage a sense of pilgrimage. The human condition - seeking, searching, hungering for deeper relationships with creation, creator and each other. Layer upon layer, my paintings emerge. Often my images will become quite dark, upon which I then wash sections of paint away in order to reveal portions of light within the initial layers. As Leonard Cohen said, "There is a crack in everything, that is how the light gets in."

A desire for my art is that it may represent light entering creation, for luminosity within creation to be seen with new eyes, and for the Holy Spirit of God to be fully within and throughout all of existence.

Sophia Mather

Sophia was born in Victoria, B.C. in 1986. She is of Ts’msyen and mixed heritage. Sophia has always been creative and artistic. It was in her adolescent years that she became interested in her native heritage on her mother’s side.

In 2007 Sophia was accepted into the Freda Diesing School of Northwest Coast Art where she excelled in and out of school, being successful in many shows.Sophia won the YVR Art Foundation Scholarship two years in a row - 2008, 2009, these winning pieces of art were on display at the Vancouver International Airport. Throughout school Sophia completed many volunteer hours on large instillation pieces in both Prince Rupert and Lax Kw’Alaams.

In 2009 Sophia graduated from art school and went into an apprenticeship with Ts’msyen artist Russell Mather. Sophia would like to acknowledge and thank Ron Burleigh, Dan Yunkws, Philip Janze, Ken McNeil, Stan Bevan, Dempsey Bob, Roy Vickers, Art Vickers, Russell Mather, and her mother Patricia Vickers for their teachings and inspirations.

Sophia is an innovator who continues to work on original pendants and earrings that are collected world wide. Sophia also enjoys carving, designing, and painting. She is currently living in Lax Kw’Alaams and works on various art projects. Sophia is eager to continue learning and at the same time enlighten others in culture and art.

“I enjoy picking up as much knowledge as I can. The art world has a lot to offer and I want to soak it all in!”
-Sophia Patricia 

Patricia Vickers

My interest in art came through a culture that is rich with symbolism, metaphors, grace and beauty. With roots in the United Kingdom on my mother’s side and Indigenous of the Northwest coast on my father’s side, inspiration was found in every day life. 

The Tsimshian language, stories, and symbolism were woven together to create roots to grow from. Inspired by my older siblings in their quest for understanding where our place is in this world, artistic expression began through traditional appliqué art and now painting and collage has become a necessity. 

With each piece, regardless of size or mood, the intention is to paint to find the truth of the matter. Intense, is one word that has been used to describe me. Life definitely has times of intensity in my cultural history with anguish, confusion and irreversible destruction. And simultaneously, there is resiliency, courage and creativity. It is the times of imbalance that initiated my search for hope, faith, compassion and gentleness. 

Painting and writing is an opportunity to connect with the mystery and presence of the Creator in all things. Expression through painting presents the challenge of moving into the essence of truth and grace.

Tara Irwin (Mini Gallery)

"Colours in the Shadows"

I was born and raised in Alberta and moved to BC in 2005. I've lived all along the west coast from Vancouver to Cortes Island and have now settled in Terrace. I am inspired everyday to attempt to capture the natural beauty around me. I have been drawing and painting the world around me for as long as I remember, and I am always working to create more space for art in my day-to-day life.

Leaving Vancouver and striving to free up more time in my life has helped me to focus more on art over the past six years. I paint in both acrylics and oil; but these days mainly with acrylic. I am a self-taught artist and I am influenced by a range of west coast artists and inspired by the landscape of Northwest BC. Ideally I would do most of my paintings 'en plein air' but climactic and day job restraints mean I paint primarily from photographs and images I capture during travel and exploring the Northwest. Over the past five years, my work has been shown at Terrace Art Gallery, Ice House Gallery (Prince Rupert), Smithers Art Gallery, Mountainside Gallery, REM Lee Theatre, as well as various cafes and restaurants. Currently I am focusing my time on resin and prints.

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