Dwight Magee / James Van der Meulen

Oct. 24 - Nov. 21

Opening Reception: Friday October 26, 2018 7-9 pm

Dwight Magee (Main Gallery)

"The Passionate Ink "

In mid 2016, Dwight Magee completed work on a photographic exhibit entitled “The Passionate Ink”. The exhibit is a 20x24 framed collection of 75 men, women and couples from around the Pacific Northwest who came together and collaborated with Magee by posing in the nude to share their tattoos. Despite the models posing nude, the exhibit is tastefully done as all the “strategic” parts are hidden from view with the use of props, lighting and other body parts. The exhibit has no more nudity than would be found on prime-time evening tv.

More information on Dwight Magee can be found on his website www.dwightmagee.com

James Van der Meulen (Mini Gallery)

James Van der Meulen has brought together a collection of ink drawings. All works are original pieces, done in an original style and all created out of spontaneity that inspire thought and will bring about emotion and feelings of bewilderment and wonder.