Dyan Myhr, Gail Turner Sears, Joan Billey, Kathleen Mary Stuart

March 6 - April 7, 2018

Opening reception: Friday March 9, 7-9pm

"Better Together"

A group exhibition of art and Haiku poetry by four Terrace artists. 

"lnspiration leads us to create. In our exhibition "Better Together", we use Haiku to complement the imagery of these creations."

Dyan Myhr

Born in North Vancouver BC, Dyan spent her formative years moving around the province of British Columbia and is now pleased to call Terrace her home. She and her husband Terry have raised three children here - Kara, Trina and Lucas.

Initially self-taught, Dyan began attending watercolour workshops in 1989 and has continued to do so on a regular basis over the ensuing years.

With her favourite medium of watercolour, she paints a varied subject matter. Some of her subjects include wildlife, northcoast landscapes, totem poles and harbour life.

Dyan has participated and placed in a number of juried art shows for the BC Festival of the Arts. She has also successfully exhibited in major gallery showings and various public venues.

She is proud to have been active on the executive of the Terrace Art Association, a non-profit group that manages the Terrace Public Art Galleries in support of the flourishing arts community in the Terrace area.

Associations - Federation of Canadian Artists, Terrace Art Association, North Coast Artists Cooperative (lce House), Skeena Colours Art Group, The Easel Weasel's (Prince Rupert Art Group) 

See more on DyanMyhr.com

Gail Turner Sears

Gail Turner Sears was born in Nelson, BC.

She spent her fomative years in White Rock, BC and finally settled in Terrace in 1960.

She graduated from Kwantlen University College with a Diploma in Fine Arts in 1999 and has been working in the visual arts ever since, both as an artist and as a teacher.

She has had numerous exhibitions throughout BC and has received a number of awards. Her work can be found in New York City, Africa, Australia, eastern Canada and throughout BC. 

See more on Gail Turner Sears

Joan Billey

Joan Billey was born in Fort St. John, BC and moved to Terrace in 1992.

She has been drawing and painting for quite awhile. She has attended many workhops in the Terrace and Prince Rupert area, learning techniques from numerous master painters.

During the last year, Joan has joined a group of Terrace artists to hone her figure drawing abilities, which in turn has led to this show. Until recently, full time employment has kept her from practicing many of these skills. Now that she has retired she is hoping to spend more time pursuing the arts and other creative endeavors. 

Kathleen Mary Stuart

Kathleen Mary Stuart is a retired biologist with time to explore the world of paper and fibre arts.

She was born in Aberdeen Scotland and grew up in a family who loved to spend time outdoors. An early fascination with insects grew into a career as an entomologist with a special interest in scientific illustration.

She immigrated to Canada in 1966 and fell in love with the huge landscapes and the biological diversity of British Columbia and the Yukon.

As her scientific work evolved from entomologist to fish and wildlife biology and habitat protection, Kathleen's artistic interests expanded into the world of fibre arts. She is mainly self-taught and prefers to work alone, enjoying new artistic challenges and experimenting with techniques, ideas and dyes.

She loves to travel and enjoys capturing and sharing some of her experiences through her art. ln both her paper and fibre arts, the colours, textures and designs found in nature are an endless source of inspiration.

"l don't limit myself to a particular medium or style or fibre or weave - a ten minute abstract pencil doodle is just as satisfying as a ten week detailed landscape in oil, or a plain weave wool blanket brings as much pleasure as a complex patterned fine silk shawl. I draw and paint and spin and weave because it makes me feel good - it's fun! If my work brings a moment ot pleasure to someone else, well that's a bonus."

Learn more about Kathleen Mary Stuart on her website www.kathleenstuartart.com

This show is proudly sponsored by FYI Doctors