Jenn Ashton & Mo Hamilton

September 13 - October 12, 2019

Jenn Ashton

In 2017 I completed my ancestral search along one line, for as far back as recorded history could take me. From the time I began my journey until present day I have been documenting my finds in my art and writing. This Exhibition contains my interpretations of my family, the land we all grew up on in North Vancouver, BC Canada, as well as some of the wildlife that we share it with.

My family history is also the history of the beginning of Vancouver. My Great x3 Grandfather was one of Vancouver's 'First 100 Pioneers', and both my Great x3 Grandmother (Squamish Nation) and my Great x2 were well known. My Great x3 Aunty Sally xwaywát was the mother of August Jack Xats'alanexw (Khatsahlano).

In today's climate, I feel that this exhibit is welcome and will hopefully pave the road for otherswith similar stories to follow.

Mo Hamiton

The 100 Houses Project is a compilation of 100 block prints depicting houses in different scenarios. I began this project in 2016 as a means to explore varying concepts of home and to consider the state of our contemporary time. As a whole, the project represents a cross section of human experience, capturing both every-day life and the impact of large-scale events.

Some of my prints are based on relatively familiar circumstances, such as moving from one community to another. Other prints consider the effects of wildfire evacuations, economics, environmental disaster, war, and homelessness. In spite of presenting seemingly negative situations, this body of work also reveals moments of joy and community, inferring positive experiences can prevail even through difficult times.

Within my work the house represents the self and is an expression of identity. For me, home is a refuge – a place where one can be their truest self and find respite from the worlds outward expectations. I believe that we all have a need to experience home in this way, but acknowledge that sometimes events beyond one’s control can disrupt any sense of security they may have. In this way, The 100 Houses Project tells a story of how humans adapt to life’s changes and challenges. 

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