Simone Benjamin & Mo Hamilton

July 19 - Aug 13, 2016

Opening Reception: Friday Jul 22, 7-9pm

"Repose & Awakening: Explorations in Abstract"

In this joint exhibition, Prince George artists Simone Benjamin and Mo Hamilton explore nature’s polar states of repose and awakening through abstract expression. The state of repose is revealed through a reduced palette of shapes and colours to convey a feeling of stillness. The state of awakening is represented through an explosion and overabundance of colours and shapes, allowing fragments of the visible natural word to coalesce into a symphony of shapes and color.

Simone Benjamin works in a variety of media, contrasting the lightness of watercolours with the heaviness of oil and acrylics. Mo Hamilton's paintings are mixed media/acrylics with layers of paint and collages applied and partially removed during the process.

Artists' Statements

Simone Benjamin

Simone‘s art is greatly influenced by the natural world around her as well as by memories of the many places she has called home. Having spent some of her childhood years in West Africa and now living on a farm, she feels the interconnection of life and death. Sometimes the art radiates with lightness and joy, and sometimes it is characterized by a heaviness and darkness. Her paintings are most often not premeditated or planned, instead she follows her creative impulses and lets the paint and brush decide what is going to happen on the canvas or on the paper. She aspires to create art that has a complexity and depth to it, leaving the viewer many options for interpretations. She works in watercolor as well as acrylics/oils. Her work will be on display for the first time in a gallery setting in the Station House Gallery, Williams Lake in 2016.

Mo Hamilton

Mo Hamilton employs collage, ephemera and printmaking to weave personal narratives and communicate an inward vision into her mixed-medium paintings. Text appears in her work and often a phrase or word will inspire an image to be painted. Recurring symbols and motifs show up in her work such as houses, trees, plants, birds and natural elements. Often she is drawn to her studio by an idea or agenda that needs to express itself only to find that the process of painting takes over and intuition leads the way. Mo aspires to reveal in her paintings a sense of history by scraping and sanding to reveal hidden layers underneath, as well as building up layers on the surface to create a feeling of depth. Mo aspires to reveal the hidden world of her imagination.