Suzo Hickey

June 19 - July 28, 2018

ARTIST TALK: Friday, June 22 (12:00 - 1:00)

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, June 22, 2018

Suzo Hickey

Suzo explores through acrylic paintings the built environments of the urban landscape of Prince Rupert.Suzo says that "Prince Rupert is a place I have a personal history with: the town of my childhood; where my grandparents were pioneers; and where my mother was born. The physicality of the city – carved out of the rainforest, coastal, mountainous, and rain-slicked – cannot be ignored."

Suzo Hickey is a painter and multidisciplinary artist living in Prince Rupert, BC. She migrated from coast (Prince Rupert) to desert (Kamloops) and back to coast (Vancouver), where she attended Emily Carr College of Art and Design. Since graduating Suzo has worked on solo projects, and in collaboration with other artists on multimedia pieces. Her early artistic practice brought together painting, vernacular narrative and social issues. After constructing many shows around issues, Suzo began painting what was around her: the ordinariness of rainy intersections, leafless trees and crisscrossing powerlines against mercurial skies. In 2016 she moved back to Prince Rupert, where she continues her exploration of the urban landscape.

Suzo says of her practice, "Reflecting on the ever-shifting role of the painter in contemporary art, in 2008 I began pursuing new vocabularies of realism, abstraction and methods of layering paint on canvas. Instead of constructing shows around issues, I started interrogating the formal, non-verbal, enigmatic power of the urban landscape."

More information about Suzo and her work can be found on her website:

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