Call for artists to illustrate a nature diary for the Bulkley Valley

Create artwork to illustrate a new nature diary for the Bulkley Valley!

The diary will chronicle nature in the valley for each week of the year - such as bird arrival dates, the timing of frogs spawning, or the emergence of specific plants, mushrooms and insects - with each week illustrated by a local artist.

The diary will collate and preserve in perpetuity the local natural history records that have been collected by BV Naturalists club members over decades, bringing the timing of local events out of hidden notebooks into the light of day in a beautiful and easily accessible way. It will serve as an invitation to observe nature and a guide to know what to look for, and when, right at your desk.

Illustrations required

In total, 65 artworks in any medium are needed to illustrate the diary - there is a list of specific subjects for illustration. Artists can pick the subjects they wish to illustrate on a first-come first-served basis - subjects that have been selected will then be removed from the list. Artwork should be biologically accurate - BV Naturalists can help in clarifying local species and can provide reference material if required. 

LIST OF SUBJECTS (PDF) (Only 4 remaining - get 'em while you can!)

To find out how to pick your subject and for more information on the criteria that artwork needs to conform to, please refer to the information package at the link below.



All artists wishing to participate in this exciting project are invited to attend an information meeting to be held at Smithers Art Gallery at 12 noon, Friday January 27th. At this meeting questions can be asked and suggestions made. The project may then be fine-tuned based on feedback.


To have your artwork included in the dairy it must be received by 31st May, 2017.  The diary will be published by December 2017.


Artwork originals will be exhibited in a special show at Smithers Art Gallery and, if the artist wishes, will be for sale by silent auction with the proceeds being split equally between the artist and the Gallery. Artwork does not have to be for sale. This show is planned for January, 2018, and will be the official launch of the diary.


Thank you to the Smithers Rotary Club, Wetzin’Kwa Community Forest Corporation and the Bulkley Valley Credit Union for grants for design and print costs. Grant applications have also been submitted (with results pending) to the BV Community Foundation and BC Nature.